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Japanese Name    English Name    Yami's




Ryou Bakura    Bakura

Bakura is a sweet boy who transfers to Domino High school and becomes friends with Yuugi and co. This shy white haired boy is a quiet mystery and no one ever finds out much about him.  At one point it is revealed he has a sister.  Bakura also posses a Sennen Item, the Sennen Ring, which has the power to locate other Sennen items and also to take souls to the Shadow Realm.

Yami Bakura

Yami Bakura is a spirit who inhabits Bakura's Sennen Ring.  He is cruel and evil, only whishing to steal all the Sennen Items, including Yugi's Puzzle, for himself.  Bakura, no matter how hard he tries, is unable to control this spirit and it takes over him, driving him from his friends.

Mutoh Yugioh    Yugi Mutoh

Yugi is a boy who attends Domino High School and is introduced to Duel Monsters by his Grandfather, the owner of a card shop.  His grandfather gives him a mysterious puzzle, which when completed releases the spirit of an ancient Egyptian prince who from then on inhabits Yugi and takes control when Yugi duels.  This spirit works with Yugi and is as good as a dark spirit can be.  The cruelness does show through sometimes, but not in the English version.  This spirit causes Yugi to visibly change and brings confidence.  Yugi is a extremely nice boy, though some would say nice on the border of being naive.  He is around 16 years of age, just short.

Yami Yugi

Yami Yugi is the spirit who inhabits Yugi's millennium puzzle.  He helps Yugi win duels with his ancient wisdom, and inhabits Yugi's body.  They work together most of the time, though Yugi fears this spirit sometimes and it's ruthlessness in his tactics for winning duels.

Muthoh Sugoroku    Yuugi's Grandpa

Sugoroku introduces Yugi to Duel Monsters and gives him the Millennium puzzle, apparently unaware of it's secret.  He also collects cards, including one of the few Blue eyes white dragon.  That is until Seto won it from him in a duel and tore it up.  Grandpa is Yugi's motivation for dueling, since Pegasus has stolen Sugoroku soul with his sennen item, the sennen eye.  Sugoroku taught Yugi to believe in the "heart of the cards" when he is dueling.

Katsuya Jounochi    Joey Wheeler

Jounochi is a tough guy gangster type hiding a soft guy within, you know the type.  Is is absolutely loyal to his friends and would do anything for Yugi.  starting out a bully picking on Yugi, they become fast friends when Yugi claims Joey for a friend, even though Joey has beaten him up.  Jounochi is a good duelist, but not quite up to Yugi's level.  He is dueling to win the money for a operation his sister needs to save her eyesight.  he is one of the four final duelists

Katsuya Shizuka    Serenity Wheeler

Serenity is Jounochi's sister who needs an operation on her eyes or she will never see again.  Joey is dueling for the money for that operation.

Mazaki Anzu    Tea Gardner

Tea is the only girl travelling with Yugi, and so sometimes is mistaken as Yugi's girlfriend(which Yugi of course would LOVE).  She however has her sight set on Yami Yugi.  tea is the cheerleader and always has an encouraging word for her friends when they are about to duel.  She cannot stand Mai.  


Hiroto Honda    Tristan Taylor

Honda is first friends with Jounochi, though they have odd ways of showing thier affection for each other.  Honda is a duelist but not up to the standards of Yugi or even Joey.  He is a nice guy who cheers his friends on.  Tristan is a good friend and shows a more emotional side than the other guys.  In the American version he can seem kind of dumb, but somewhere in there is a smart caring guy.

Nozaka Miho    Miho

Miho only appears briefly, a small girl with purple hair.  She is taken with Bakura, but Honda is the one who likes her.  Not much is known about her at this moment

Pegasus J. Crawford    Maximillion Pegasus


Kaiba Seto    Kaiba

Kaiba is the owner of Kaiba Corp and had never lost a duel before, until he met Yugi.  Kaiba possessed all of the Blue Eyes White Dragon cards, but one, which was owned by Sugoroku.  Kaiba won this card in a forced duel and then tore it up.  If he couldn't use it, no one would.  Kaiba is not on the island to duel, even though he is the one who invented the new holographic gaming system.  he is there to rescue his little brother Mokuba, who had been stolen by Pegasus.  Pegasus was trying to take over Kaiba Corp and gave orders for Kaiba to be disposed of.  There was one problem- the company had to be under the direction of a Kaiba....so Pegasus ordered the kidnapping of Mokuba, to use as a figurehead.  Kaiba's only mission is to defeat everyone, so that he might duel pegasus in his one attempt to rescue Mokuba.  His defeat at Yugi's hand causes kaiba to fall into despairs and really question himself.  Once he even threatens to take his life if Yugi does not allow him to win a duel.  His hopes are broken when Pegasus steal Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Kaiba Mokuba    Mokuba

Mokuba is Set's little brother.  Mokuba is in awe of Seto and will do anyhting to defend/avenge him.  He believes Seto can do no wrong.  During his captivity the one thought that keeps Mokuba going is the thought that Seto had always been there for them, especially after their parents died ina car wreck and they were adopted by a man named Kaiba.

Dinosaur Ryusaki    Rex Raptor

Rex first introduces the Dinosaur when he duels with Jounochi, with Mai directing him.(rex)  He seems to be a hot head and this causes him to loose his most powerful card, Red Eyes Black dragon in an effort to gain Joey's time wizard card.  This loss crushes Rex, and also Mai who considers Joey a waste of her time.


Insector Haga    Weevil

Kajaku Mai    Mai Valentine

Mai is the only female duelist introduced on the island.  She admires Yugi after he beats her in a duel.  Her favorite cards seem to center around harpies.  Mai duels only for herself and the rewards winning brings her.  She like to play with people minds to confuse them...so she can ruthlessly pound card after card at them.  She is one of the four final duelists.

Kajiki Ryouta    Mako Tsunami 

Kajiki duels Yugi on the island after luring the group with cooking fish.  They have "taken his bait" and must repay the fish with a duel.  This is the first time Yugi has encounter monsters like this and gets off to a bad start.  He wins in the end though (as usual) with cunning and devious strategy.  Mako loves the sea and wishes to use the prize money, if he wins the tournament, to buy a boat.  he has wanted to ever since his father was lost at sea when they were sailing together.  

Esper Roba


Ishtar Malik

Sorta Evil guy who hates Yugi, thinking he was the killer of his father, when in fact Yami Malik killed him with his Millennium item, the Millennium Rod (which can double as a knife), when his father threatened his servant and close friend, Lisid.  Apparently in the English version, his name will be TERRENCE.  Malik has tattoos of the god cards engraved on his back.

Yami Malik

Yami Malik is one of Yami Bakura's few friends...maybe this is why Bakura and Malik become friends.  Malik is a dueler and possesses a Millennium Item.  He is an evil, evil guy, whose few killing sprees will be cut out of the translated version.  He is responsible for the disappearance of Bakura.  He challenged Bakura do a darkness duel, won which caused Bakura to disappear.

Ishtar Isis

Malik's sister, a duelist and the possessor of a Millennium item, the Millennium Anhk.

"Bandit" Keith Howard

Bandit Keith is an American duelist who had previously suffered humiliation and defeat at the hands of Pegasus.  He is dueling for revenge.  While the tournament is going on, he and his henchman force people to duel, and steal their starchips, to knock them of the island.  He is (however unfairly) one of the four final duelists.

Ryouji Otogi


Malik's close friend and servant, at whose behalf Yami Malik killed his father, who had threatened Lisid.


Who is Noah?  I've seen his last name as Kaiba, but other than that I have no clue who he is....yet