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Fan Art

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All the lovely works people have put their time, efforts and playful imaginations into.  

Some of the things are sad due to the conflict between Bakura and Yami Bakura....some have BakuraxMalik content...if you find this offensive DON'T LOOK AT IT!!  It's really that simple!..(don't blame me for having it here, even if you don't like it, other people do...if you have problems go somewhere else. Remember freedom of expression!!!!!!!!)


This is definitely NOT a yaoi or hentai site...so please don't send me any artwork of that kind





I'll try and rate the stuff, so you'll know what your getting into...before some little kid reads something to due with what they think is a kids cartoon character and end's up reading something very different like.....


Guess what ~Bakura~ and ~Malik~....used hair mousse in my closet for?