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The Gate of the Elves


Dedicated to those Elves notoriously left out of Jackson's film Trilogy....

and, also....a few who were included.... fact it might be safe to say this is a page for the Male Elves of Middle Earth,

(We just happen to find the guys more offense to the ladies)


Pages are in honor of

Elladan & Ellrohir








Ando Eldarinwa is undergoing a complete revamp.  The site hasn't been touched for a few years, left in order to focus on another site, but in my spare time I have decided to take everything down, change the info and the layout.  This here is probably not permanent.  I would like to make news pics and icons, and of course it will take awhile to make sure everything works and is correct.  Hopefully it will turn out worth the time.

***As of now, the links do NOT work***

Pages are being recreated and it will take awhile to enter the info into Tripod's HTMLEditor.


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