Ando Eldarinwa

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The name of Ryou gives him a very idealistic nature. His desire for peace and harmony causes him to withdraw from situations where there is friction and acrimony. He is quite reserved and inclined to feel sensitive and self-conscious, even though he strives to appear poised and confident. Being rather secretive in many ways, and not liking people to pry into his affairs restricts opportunities for friendship; not until he feels he can trust others does he open up to them. The desire to help others and the generous side of his nature attract those who take advantage of him. He lacks the necessary aggressiveness for business success. While he lacks verbal expression and spontaneity under this name, he has a natural literary ability and writing comes easily to him. He also has a deep appreciation of nature and all the finer things in life. Weaknesses in the health arising from the use of this name affect the respiratory organs, and the nervous system.
-hmm, maybe this should have been my last name....

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